Онлайн тесты на тему "Теоретическая грамматика английского языка- ответы на тест Педкампус"

Теоретическая грамматика английского языка - Педкампус. Тест был решен в 2021 году на "хорошо". Набрано 65 баллов и 13 из 20 верные ответы. Отчёт по пройденному тесту прилагаю в демо работах. После оплаты вы можете скачать файл в личном кабинете сервиса. В нем будут отмеченные ответы. Все вопросы и ответы с файла будут совпадать с теми, что расположены ниже
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Готовые ответы на тест Педкампус

I had … a bad headache that I went to lie down for a while

Укажите предложения с ошибкой:
It are ten past seven.
It’s twenty to eight.
It’s the quarter past seven.
It is seven sharp.

Укажите верное образование множественного числа:
man-doctor - man-doctors
postman - postmans
fish - fishes (одна рыбина - несколько рыбин)
wharf - wharfs
custom-house - customs-houses
datum - data
formula – formulae
wharf - wharves

Look out! You … hit the car in front!
are going to
will be

Ann asked Sam … to look at the new catalogue
whether he wants
if he wanted
do you want
did he want

Could you help me with … exercises I don't understand?
a little
a few

Укажите предложения с неисчисляемыми существительными:
Her eyes twinkled with amusement
There is a hair in my cup
To my amusement, he couldn't get the door open
His speeches are always interesting

If I do something, it … consequences
had had
would have
would have had
will have

My brother and I … swimming almost every day last summer
had been going
had gone
were going

Укажите верные формы образования множественного числа:
handkerchief - handkerchiefs
chief – chievs
cliff – cliffes
leaf – leaves

Unfortunately, he … a day off very often
hasn't been getting
doesn't get
hasn't got
isn't getting

Укажите составные существительные:

Укажите предложения без ошибки:
Your work must be finished as soon as possible.
The plan have been discussed for five hours!
This book can been bought in any book-shop.
We must to finish our work as soon as possible.

Имена существительные могут употребляться в предложении в качестве:
части сказуемого

I wanted to say goodbye to Ann, but she …
was already left
had already left
already left
had already been leaving

There's … coffee left, if anyone wants some
a little
a few

My parents didn't fancy cooking, so we got a pizza …
to be delivered
be delivered

I went to see the doctor because I'm finding it difficult to sleep at … night
no article

The shop assistant finally agreed … a full refund
to me to give
giving me
give to me
to give me

Укажите предложения с ошибкой:
Pushkin, the great Russian poet, was born in 1799.
Can you help me, young man
I saw a woman standing at the corner. A woman was very old.
There is the man waiting for you.