ЭССЕ на тему: «What characteristics do you think natural leaders have?»

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ЭССЕ на тему: «What characteristics do you think natural leaders have?»

Практикум № 1

In a team, very often everyone is drawn to one person, all attention is riveted to him, he acts as the organizer of all the fun, they listen to his opinion, he can rally the company. Such people are usually called leaders. They are a perfect example of a combination of cheerful ease and responsibility, they are ready to take the initiative and always try to help. They are set as an example, they want to be equal. But what traits of character and behavior distinguish a leader from other people? How can you recognize these qualities in yourself? How to get a position in the company?

First of all, you need to identify the basic qualities of a leader. What makes a leader different from other people? First of all, it is the absence of fear of excessive attention. Such people are not afraid to be in the center, they calmly feel at the head of the crowd. Public speaking is the norm for them. Can you imagine being surrounded by people, being at the center of it all? If yes, then this is already a good sign that you are capable of leadership.
One of the most important roles is played by the charisma of a person and the ability to present himself. The leader is unlikely to become shy and hide his eyes when they are talking to him. Such people know how to prove themselves very well, they can make you laugh at the right time, they are not afraid to seem like "clowns" in other people's minds, they easily find an approach to any person. No one likes prim and boring characters in their lives, so their cheerful and cheerful mood easily resonates in the hearts of people.
The leader knows how to defend his position perfectly. He was not accustomed to stoop to banal insults and getting personal. It is much closer for him to state his position clearly and clearly, he will not enter into an argument if he does not understand anything in this topic, he will prefer to remain silent.
The leader is not used to giving up before he has tried. Such people are ready to stand to the end, even if almost no one believes in them. They go to their goals with their heads held high, overcoming all adversity.
But at the same time, to an equal extent, he also has a sense of responsibility not only for himself, but also for other people. He perfectly gives an account of his actions and deeds, thinks about the consequences. A leader tends to worry not only about himself, but also about those people who are close to him. Which is absolutely logical, because when rallying people into one team, you need to think about the behavior of each of them.
What happens, being a leader is very serious? Yes, but all people cannot take on such a burden, and not every person wants this. After all, this role carries a huge number of responsibilities and problems. Such a person should be able to solve them without resorting to methods of insult and brute force. So it turns out that the leader is not just the soul of the company, but also the one who bears the main responsibility for the actions of everyone. And if this model of behavior is not close to you, then you should not give up, there are still many different roles in our life that can suit you perfectly.

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