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Синергия. Теоретическая грамматика- тест был сдан в 2021 году на 97 баллов. Скриншот с набранными баллами прилагаю в демо работах. После покупки вам будет доступен файл для скачивания. В нем будут вопросы и ответы которые полностью совпадают с теми, что вы найдете ниже. Так же можете посетить магазин всех моих работ:
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The term «grammar» may be translated as…
«the art of writing»
«the art of speaking»
«the art of translating»

The sentence as a lingual sign is based on predication in the centre of which stands a finite verb. Due to this feature, the sentence can perform two essential functions:
general function and special
function nominative
function and emotional function
designating function and communicative function

The theory that studies the communicative structure of the sentence is called …
The Descriptive Sentence Theory
The Communicative Functional Theory
The Functional Sentence Perspective Theory

A sentence is made up of which are its main parts:
the subject and the object
the subject, the object, and the predicate
the subject and the predicate

The grammatical categories of the English verb find their expression in…
synthetical and analytical forms
present and past forms
regular and irregular forms

The aim of theoretical grammar of a language is …
to present a theoretical description of its grammatical system
to describe levels or the language to give strict rules of speaking correctly

Language incorporates three constituent parts, each being inherent in it by virtue of its social nature. These parts are…
the syntactical system, the lexical system, and the grammatical system
the stylistic system, the lexical system, and the grammatical system
the phonological system, the lexical system, and the grammatical system

The relation of a word to another word in the word-group or sentence is expressed by…

According to the nature of predication (primary and secondary) all verbs fall into …
finite and non-finite
stativeness and non-stativeness
notional and semi-notional

It covers the names of objects consisting of several parts (jeans), names of sciences (mathematics), names of diseases, games
Singularia tantum and Pluralia tantum
Singularia tantum
Pluralia tantum

There are three ways of forming degrees of comparison:
relative, positive, and comparative
synthetic, analytic, and suppletive
positive, synthetic, and analytic

Grammatical elements of language present a unity of …
phonemes and sounds
content and expression
text and context

The way of forming degrees of comparison by the inflections is called…

Above the phrasemic level lies the level of sentences, called…

A branch of grammar that studies sentence construction, its communicative-functional, structural and pragmatic classifications is …

The elementary meaningful part of the word is
a sound
a morpheme
a sign

… argues that the positive degree cannot be regarded as a degree of comparison as it does not convey the idea of comparison.
G. Kivivali
O. Jespersen

A unit formed by a combination of two or more notional words, which does not constitute a sentence is …
a collocation
a word-group
a phrase

There are three main types of syntactic connections between words:
subordination, limitation and predication
subordination, coordination and predication
concretisation , coordination and formation

In accordance with the morphological structure of the stems all nouns can be classified into: Тип ответа:
neutral, masculine, and feminine
simple, compound and composite
absolute, abstract, and figurative

A part of speech denoting an action or a process is called… Тип ответа: Одиночный выбор adjective adverb verb
There are four main types of notional syntagmas: Тип ответа: Одиночный выбор predicative, objective, subjective, adverbial cardinal, objective, attributive, numeral predicative, objective, attributive, adverbial
The ability to denote a process developing in time is…

The verb possesses the following grammatical categories:
tense, aspect, voice, mood, person, number, finitude and phase
tense, aspect, gender, person, number, finitude and phase
plural and singular forms, aspect, person, number, finitude and phase

In modern linguistics the term «genitive case» is used instead of …
«possessive case»
«nominative case»
«common case»

A grammatical category of the verb which indicates the relation between an action and its agent is…
the category of Aspect
the category of Voice
the category of Case

The lowest level of lingual segments is …

A secondary part of the sentence which modifies an entity, expressed by a head noun is called…
the object
the attribute
the adverbial

The category of gender is formed by two oppositions.
plural and singular, special and general
masculine and feminine, special and general
person and non-person, masculine and feminine

The main nominative unit of speech is …