Онлайн тесты на тему "Теоретическая грамматика (обучение)- ответы на тест Синергия"

Теоретическая грамматика (обучение). Можете купить ответы, скачать и решить тест самостоятельно. 27 вопроса из 30 верные - на 90 баллов. Тест был сдан в 2021 году. После оплаты вы получите доступ к скачиванию файла в кабинете сервиса. Вопросы и ответы полностью совпадают с теми, что вы найдете ниже. Скриншот набранных баллов предоставляю в демо работах. Убедитесь что именно эти вопросы вам нужны, только потом покупайте

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Теоретическая грамматика (обучение)

According to the form of existence the nouns may be …
Countable and uncountable
Human and non-human
Animate and inanimate

In the sentence, the adjective performs the functions of
A subject and object
An object and a predicate
An attribute and a predicative

The way of forming degrees of comparison by the inflections is called …

It covers the names of object consisting of several parts (jeans), names of sciences (mathematics), name of diseases, games
Singularia tantum and Pluralia tantrum
Singularia tantum
Pluralia tantum

The main nominative unit of speech is …

The so-called non-progressive verbs are …
To work, to study, to do, to live
To drink, to eat, to come, to take
To think, to understand, to know, to hate

According to the way of forming past tenses and Participle II verbs can be …
Simple and compound
Sound-relacive and stress-replacive
Regular and irregular

A branch of grammar that studies sentence construction, its communicative-functional, structural and pragmatic, classifications is …

There are three main types of syntactic connections between words:
Subordination, limination and predication
Subordination, coordination and predication
Concretisation, coordination and formation

A part of speech denoting an action or a progress is called …

According to the structure, subordinate word-groups are classified into: …
Simple and complex word-groups
Single and plural word groups
Definite and identinite word-groups

… argues that positive degree cannot be regarded as a degree of comparison as it does not convey the idea of comparison
G. Kivivali
O. Jespersen

As any other part of speech, the noun can be characterized by three criteria:
Phonological, semantic, and morphological
Semantic, morphological and syntactical
Lexical, semantic and structural

A verbal category that reflects the objective category of time is …
The category of Case
The category of Voice
The category of Tense

A grammatical category of the verb which indicates the relation between an action and its agent is …
The category of Aspect
The category of Voice
The category of Case

Intensifying adjectives consist of two groups
Original and cardinal
Stative and dynamic
Emphasizers and amplifiers

In modern linguistics the term «genitive case» is used instead of …
«Possessive case»
«Nominative case»
«Common case»

The action or process of converting an adjective into a noun is …

There are three ways of forming degrees of comparison:
Relative, positive, and comparative
Synthetic, analytic, and suppletive
Positive, synthetic and analytic

The smallest lingual unit which is capable of performing a communication, containing some kind of information is …
A word – combinations
A sentence
A phrase

All the adjectives can be divided into two large groups:
Singular and plural
Gradable and non-gradable
Countable and uncountable

Above the phrasemic level lies the level of sentences, called …

The ability to denote a process developing in time is …

The lowest level of lingual segments is …

These two great men demonstrated the difference between lingual synchrony and diachtone, and defined language as a synchronic system of meaningful elements at any stage of its historical evolution
B. de Courtenay and F. de Saussure
I. Galperine and G. Leech
I. Amold and B. Roomberg

Non-gradable adjective constitute three groups:
Relative, intensifying, and restrictive
Neutral, Positive, and negative
Relative, absolute, and abstracts

The number category is realized though the opposition of two form-classes:
Plural form and singular form
Grammatical form and lexical form
Connotative form and denotative form

In accordance with the morph structure of the stems all nouns can be classified into:
Neutral, masculine, and feminine
Simple, compound and composite
Absolute, abstract and figurative

A unit formed by a combination of two or more national words, which does not constitute a sentences is …
A collocation
A word-group
A phrase

The category of comparison is constituted by the opposition of three forms of the adjective:
Relative, positive, and comparative
Positive, comparative, and the superlative
Neutral, positive, and negative

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